Album History


Born to a Quebec francophone family, Sophie Arbour is the middle-child in a family of three. At a very young age, she showed talent for music and song. She discovered her real skills as a singer and songwriter in her early teens by interpreting hymns sung in Church and by looking at texts from the Bible.

Thus, at the age of 14, she wrote her first composition on a traditional European melody which brought on the recording of the first album by the Arbour family. Assisted by her sister Martine, her younger brother Réjean and her father Real, Sophie and her family began to sing and participate in several rallies in Quebec, Ontario and even in Martinique! The 9 albums of the Arbour family have traveled throughout 5 continents and have sold over 72,000 copies from 1985 to 2010.

In addition to making music as a hobby, Sophie completed her studies in dental hygiene and her Doctorate of Dental Medicine, got married and opened her dental clinic. She remained involved in Gospel music in churches, played the piano, conducted radio programs for Christian stations and composed songs.

In 1999, with determination, she dives headfirst into the production of her first solo album entitled "Ce qui demeure" (What remains). With it, the artist hopes to bring the public encouragement she received from the Lord throughout these years.

Today, Sophie offers a brand new album entitled "Tu connais mon nom" (You know my name) demonstrating her musical versatility and the importance of music in her life. The message of her songs has not changed over time and is only enriched with experience and wisdom, constantly taking us back to the source of her personal journey – faith in Jesus-Christ.

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